Di Bird has independently produced three albums, That’s not all (2014), Things are Swingin’ (2001) and Gypsy in My Soul (2005). Limited copies of these albums are still available for $20 each – contact her to purchase.

That’s not all
Cropped Cover 1. Almost like being in love
2. When lights are low
3. Green Dolphin Street
4. Only trust your heart
5. Get out of town
6. How high the moon
7. How deep is the ocean
8. I only have eyes for you

Listen here – ‘How high the moon’

Listen here – ‘Get out of town’

Things are Swingin’
Things are swingin' 1. Things are swingin’
2. Sway
3. I’m feelin’ too good today
4. Moonlight becomes you
5. Too close for comfort
6. Just the way you look tonight
7. My heart belongs to daddy
8. Lorelei
9. I’ll chase my blues away
10. S’wonderful
Gypsy in My Soul
Gypsy In My Soul 1. Gypsy in my soul
2. The best thing for you would be me
3. How do you like your eggs in the morning?
4. Polka dots and moonbeams
5. Drummer’s choice
6. Speak low
7. It might as well be spring
8. I love being here with you
9. I’m in love
10. With a song in my heart